• The Right Cool Roof For Your Data Center

  • the right cool roof for your data center

    Datacenter servers, processors, and supporting machinery generate a tremendous amount of heat. Keeping your data center cool with the right roof is a smart way to offset interior heat gain from your machinery, protect your investments, improve employee comfort, and to save a notable amount on energy spending. 

    Protect Your Investment With A Cool Roof For Your Data Center

    While the data industry is well-versed in the technology that works to cool their machinery, we’ve found that many of these centers are housed in buildings that aren’t optimized for interior cooling. The right roof can exponentially offset the heat generated by the machines and will reduce energy spending by a significant margin. 

    What Is A Cool Roof? 

    Cool roofing products are intentionally designed to be more reflective and to absorb less heat than their counterparts. When paired with top-quality insulation and air sealing, they become part of a business’s energy-efficiency system. 

    Traditional roofing materials can get as hot as 150℉  or more. A cool roofing system is 50℉ cooler, which makes a marked difference in the solar heat gain that migrates from the roof, into the attic and ceiling spaces, and then into the interior of the building. As a result, there is less need for cooling, and this yields multiple benefits. 

    Examples of cool metal roofs include: 

    While the initial costs for green roofs are higher than their standard material counterparts, data centers experience an ROI and eventual savings as a result of reduced energy spending and an extended roof lifetime.  

    Overall energy savings 

    First and foremost, you’ll keep your data center cooler on a day-to-day basis. Your roof will kick back a large percentage of the sun’s UV rays. When your building is kept several degrees cooler from the get-go, you require less energy to run your cooling systems, and that translates to major energy savings.  

    Protect your machines and cooling systems 

    Overheating is the nemesis of data processing machines. Similarly, the harder your cooling systems work, the more wear-and-tear they experience and this can result in higher repair and replacement costs. Keeping the building cool from the outside in reduces wear-and-tear on your expensive servers and cooling systems as well as your HVAC system.  

    Reduce the potential for power outages with a cool roof for your data center

    Sure, you have generator backups, but the truth is that it’s better to keep things running on a reliable grid than to have to rely on generators and the myriad of problems that begin to arise when they are put into play. Your cool roof reduces the amount of energy required to cool the building, and this puts lower demand on the grid, simultaneously preventing unnecessary power outages. 

    Be a good steward of the environment 

    While the majority of the benefits generated by your roof positively impact your company’s bottom line, any reduction in energy consumption is a bonus for Mother Earth. Plus, your cool roof also benefits your community by reducing the urban heat island effect. 

    The combination of paved roadways and sidewalks, as well as expanses of asphalt parking lots and standard roofs (which absorb and become a radiant heat source), can elevate the temperature in a community zone or neighborhood by several degrees. Dubbed the urban heat island (UHI) effect, studies have shown that a collective installation of cool roof systems can mitigate UHI effects, reducing outside temperatures by several degrees during peak summer temperatures. 

    Extend the life of your roof 

    The combination of UV rays and high heat absorption begins to break down standard roofing materials. Since the right roof for your data center is one that reflects these rays and minimizes absorption, the roof doesn’t break down as fast. The end result is a roof with an extended lifespan and one that requires fewer repairs over the course of that long life.

    Have Cool Roof Questions?

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