• Do Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs Save You Money?

  • do preventative roof maintenance programs save you money

    Does your trusted roofing contractor offer a preventative roof maintenance program? If so, it is worth your investment to save up. Ten years ago, Firestone Building Products and ProLogis (a provider of distribution facilities) compiled 15-years’ worth of data regarding roof maintenance and repair costs over the lifetime of a single roof to determine how much building owners saved – if any. 

    Their research determined that proactive roof maintenance (preventative maintenance) cost homeowners an average of 14 cents per square foot of roofing per year, whereas reactive repairs (repairing something in reaction to an existing problem) cost upwards of 25 cents per square foot – a difference of 11 cents per square foot in the favor of proactive maintenance. A decade later, these savings have only increased as the prices for building materials continue to escalate in response to inflation and demand. 

    That said, most homeowners simply don’t have the know-how or ability to expertly inspect and repair their own roofs, and observing routine roof maintenance tasks slip down on their busy list of things to do. That’s why preventative maintenance roofing programs were created in the first place. 

    What Are Preventative Roof Maintenance Programs? 

    Preventative maintenance programs were designed by licensed roofing contractors who continuously have to charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars in roof repairs for damage that went unnoticed or repaired for far too long. Preventative maintenance stops these issues before they escalate. Plus, major leaks and other roof issues can lead to the destruction of structural elements or furnishings inside the home, causing a further need for repair and replacement costs for homeowners. 

    Becoming part of a roof maintenance program is as simple as registering or signing up with a local, licensed roofing contractor who offers one. Most programs are set up annually or biannually depending on the customer’s preferences. The great thing is that once you’re entered into the program, your roofing contractor will do all the “remembering” for you. We’ll contact you to schedule an appointment, and send you a reminder ahead of time. 

    What’s included? 

    While specific maintenance tasks or services may vary from contractor to contractor, the typical maintenance visit includes a 50-point checklist, including things like: 

    • Visual inspection of your roof, gutters, and downspouts 
    • Cleaning and removal of debris in gutters, downspouts, and roof drains 
    • Inspections for any loose attachments signs of wear on fittings, flashing, joint covers 
    • Visible inspection of caulking and water sealing, touching up as needed 
    • Flag any other areas with notable erosion 
    • Note any missing shingles, tiles, etc. to discuss repairs with home/business owners  
    • Debris removal (branches, twigs, heavy leaf debris, etc.) 
    • Noting points of deterioration 
    • Make an assessment for remaining roof lifespan 
    • Being a member of some programs also means access to discounts on larger repairs or your future roof replacement 

    Once the inspection is complete, your roofer will discuss any issues that require repair or maintenance that go beyond what the preventative maintenance contract covers, so you can make educated decisions about what comes next. 

    Continued, proactive maintenance and immediate correction of small issues are essential to keeping your roof leak-free, protecting your home’s structure as a whole. Plus, the added bonus of repairing small issues before they develop further means the ability to postpone roof replacement until your roof has reached or exceeded its manufacturer-advertised lifespan. 

    Save Thousands With A Preventative Maintenance Program 

    Proactive maintenance saves money in multiple ways: 

    • Identifies emerging issues before they blossom into full-blown repairs 
    • Cleans and remove algae or mildew, which can cause structural erosion 
    • Replaces any missing shingles or tiles, damaged flashing or gutters before they lead to further damage 
    • Tests the roof’s structural integrity in case there are hidden soft spots or other signs that moisture or rot have settled in 
    • Maintains optimal whole-home energy efficiency, which also improves whole-home comfort 
    • Prevents your home from sustaining additional damage requiring further repairs and expenses 
    • Protects your warranty because you’ll have documentation of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and repairs by a licensed roofing contractor 

    Additionally, you develop a loyal and trusting relationship with your roofing contractor, giving you more confidence in his recommendations, and in the quality of his work and repairs. 

    Average Cost of a Roof Maintenance Program 

    Prices of programs vary according to the type of roof you have and the total roof square footage. Programs may offer scaled packages as well, based on the frequency of their visits. Most residential programs run between $200 and $400 per year, while commercial programs cost around .04 cents per square foot, plus a mileage-based fuel charge (another reason to use a local contractor) or other fees related to the type or complexity of your building’s roof. 

    Are you interested in learning more about how our preventative roof maintenance program can save you money and extend the lifetime of your roof? Contact us here at Central Bay Roofing or give us a call at (510) 521-7334.