• Routine Roof Maintenance Homeowners Need To Know

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    As a homeowner, you understand the importance of a home that is in great condition. Your home protects you from the cold, the heat and the elements in between. In order to remain safe in your home, your roof is the most important part to remember.

    A roof that is old, broken down and falling in can damage your entire home. Water leaks, fungus, and other substances can find themselves in your home, quicker than you think.

    Routine Roof Maintenance

    Routine maintenance can put a halt to roof damage. Here are some tips, tricks and simple maintenance you need to know to save you and your roof.

    Keep an Eye Out for Leaks

    Routine roof maintenance includes keeping an eye out for leaks. You may think checking your roof for a leak is difficult. However, it is a simple process.

    Go throughout your home and check for dark spots on the ceiling or discoloration. This may be a sign that water is dripping onto the ceiling, creating discoloration from dirt and other particles.

    If you suspect a problem afterward, you can safely check the roof for any areas where water may be getting in. Using this routine roof maintenance tip at least twice a year can truly save you money and hassle in the end.

    Inspect Regularly

    You should inspect your roof and the surrounding area regularly for any kind of damage. This could be shingles that are lifting on a shingled roof or rust on a metal roof.

    You will want to inspect your attic for signs of water damage as well. Inspecting your roof well three to four times per year can truly be a life-saving act.

    Check for Growth

    When you inspect your roof, do you see moss or algae growing? You may have some damp areas on your roof. Algae and moss can create a growing problem within your shingles and your roof altogether.

    If you have algae or moss problem when performing routine roof maintenance or during a roof inspection, you may wish to have a professional install zinc or lead control strips to combat the issue.

    Check Your Chimney

    Does your home have a fireplace? If so, you may have a chimney. It is important to check around your chimney and any joints within your roof for cracked or missing mortar and caulking.

    Caulking or mortar that is deteriorating may increase your chances of water damage and a leaky roof. This can be resealed and replaced if you find signs of age and wear.

    Inspect After Weather

    If you have a storm blow through with high winds, or a blizzard that drops heavy snow, you will need to inspect your roof for possible damage. Adding this step to your routine roof maintenance will allow you to find damage when it happens, instead of later when it may cost you.

    Routine roof maintenance is crucial for homeowners to have a happy and safe home for years to come. Take care of your home by performing quick maintenance and give your roof the love it deserves.