• Commercial Roofing Service

  • Central Bay Roofing provides high-quality roof design, installation and repairs to commercial businesses throughout the Bay Area. Our commitment to quality and customer service has allowed us to complete high-profile roofs, including the roofs on the Claremont Hotel and Embassy Suite buildings, as well as the Alamo Shopping Center.

    High-Quality Commercial Roofing Installation Matters

    As a business owner, you know your roof is about more than just protecting the building and its occupants; the roof is also a part of your company’s brand. An old or outdated roof, missing shingles or a gutter system that is chipped, dented or broken detracts from the building’s curb appeal, and this can shed a negative light on your business when it comes to maintaining current clients and attracting new customers.

    A well-maintained building is a reflection of a well-maintained business, and Central Bay Roofing is ready to give your roof the facelift it deserves.

    Our commercial roofing services encompass:

    • Flat and sloped roofing systems
    • Energy efficient roofing systems, including Energy Star-rated materials
    • Hot built up and torch down applied roofing systems
    • Traditional shingle applications
    • Clay and slate tiles

    When you schedule a FREE onsite consultation, we can review your plans and make recommendations for the best roofing system to match your building’s style, while also providing the durability and longevity you expect from a top-notch roof.

    Factory Authorized Commercial Roof Installers

    Central Bay Roofing has been in business since 1978. Here at the end of our fourth decade, and headed into our fifth, we’re proud of our business’s success. As any small business owner knows, you can’t run a successful business decade after decade unless you know what you’re doing and know how to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations.

    Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we are factory authorized by the nation’s leading roofing materials manufacturers. Our expertise, combined with our commitment to superior customer service is what keeps us busy - and on our way towards fifty successful years in the roofing business.

    Central Bay Roofing’s status as a factory-authorized roof installer means you enjoy:

    • Superior manufacturer’s warranties, some of which extend as long as 40-years, depending on the product.
    • Sound advice and recommendations about the best products for your businesses location, climate, and exposure.
    • Central Bay Roofing’s own 10-year workmanship warranties on re-roofing work and gutter work.

    Working with a factory-authorized installer means the difference between a roof that performs like it should and meets or exceeds its warranty – and one that doesn’t.

    Give us a call at (510) 521-7334, or contact us online to schedule a consultation or learn more about your commercial roofing options.

    Commercial Roofing Repair and Maintenance

    The quality of your roof can be compromised by a single high-wind storm or prolonged exposure to roof debris and moisture. For this reason, a commercial roof’s livelihood is dependent on the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into its build-out, combined with routine maintenance and immediate repairs when something is awry.

    • Routine maintenance inspections identify potential issues, like loose or missing shingles or tiles, that aren’t necessarily visible from down below.
    • Repairing broken or missing shingles, tiles or gutters/downspouts prevents unnecessary and costly leaks as well as enhances the curb appeal of your building.
    • Post-storm inspections or debris removal will prevent the continuation of small areas of damage that grow larger over time and will prevent standing and decaying organic materials – like branches, trash, and leaves – from contributing to the corrosion and rotting of roofing materials.

    Even the smallest of roof issues or leaks can have serious and costly ramifications if they are not repaired immediately. Contact us if you think your business’s roof has suffered as the result of a recent storm or to repair any areas of concern before they contribute to irreversible damage that leads to a full-scale roof replacement.

    Call Central Bay Roofing at (510) 521-7334, or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

    Ask Us About Your Sustainable and Energy Efficient Roof Options

    Is your business committed to sustainability? We are too, which is why Central Bay Roofing offers a range of eco-friendly products. From recycled shingle products to clay or slate tiles, we can find a product that matches your building’s design while simultaneously reducing your building’s carbon footprint.

    We can also talk to you about reflective roofing materials, including after-market roof coatings, that reduce solar heat gain. These products have reduced cooling costs in commercial buildings by as much as 40%, which makes a tremendous difference in the annual budget. They can also improve your roof’s lifespan since they reduce elemental damage caused by prolonged UV exposure.

    Contact Central Bay Roofing to learn more about sustainable roofing products and viable options for your commercial building. (510) 521-7334.

    Hire Central Bay Roofing to Build a Commercial Roof That Lasts

    Don’t trust your business’s roof to just anyone. Hire a licensed, insured and bonded commercial roofing contractor that has decades of a proven track record. We build and repair roofs that last, using the materials that are best suited to our commercial clients’ needs, design, and budget.

    Schedule a FREE onsite consultation to discuss the steps required to put a high-quality roof over your building. (510) 521-7334.