• Gutters and Downspouts

  • For 40 years now, Central Bay Roofing has designed high-quality gutter and downspout systems that carefully direct water and debris off and away from our clients’ roofs so it can be properly drained elsewhere on the property. Intentionally designed water and moisture drainage is essential to a building and property’s well-being and is also an important safety issue.

    The gutters and downspouts are often an overlooked element of a home’s roofing design. Without them, the roof slope of your home or business is transformed into a waterfall in certain storm conditions, making it difficult – if not unsafe – to enter and exit the building. However, gutters and downspouts also work to drain water down and away from your home, protecting its structural elements from water and moisture damage, as well as mold, mildew, and rot.

    A well-designed downspout migrates water away from the building’s foundation, protecting the soil from unnecessary erosion that can ultimately compromise the building’s foundation. Whether you need gutter and downspouts for a new construction project or are interested in replacing an old or non-functioning system, Central Bay Roofing is happy to provide a free estimate.

    Contact Central Bay Roofing to Design a Resilient Gutter & Downspout System

    Central Bay Roofing & Gutters has three different styles of custom cut aluminum seamless gutters for you to choose from. There are more than 25 colors to choose from, so there will be no problem matching one of our gutters to your current exterior color scheme. We are happy to provide you with samples of our gutter styles and colors, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Seamless aluminum is made with a baked-on enamel coating and there is a lifelong warranty on the paint. The seamless feature is very important because, since there are no seams in the middle of a run, you don’t have to worry about rust, corrosion or separations along the seams that can lead to leaks and damage to your property.

    We also offer seamless copper OG and Fascia gutters. Contact Central Bay Roofing today to schedule an on-site estimate or to learn more about gutter and downspout options.

    Benefit From Leak-Free Gutters and Downspouts

    All of our gutters are installed in a two-piece system, consisting of a gutter and a 2- x 2-inch drip flashing. The flashing is integral to the success of the gutter systems because it allows us to slope the gutters at just the right angle to enhance drainage while simultaneously preventing wind-blown rain from getting behind the gutter.

    Installing leak-free gutters and downspouts:

    • Protects your home’s foundation.
    • Prevents soil erosion.
    • Increases the life expectancy of exterior doors and windows.
    • Enhances safety for occupants and passersby.
    • Helps to prevent unnecessary water and moisture damage.

    Once your gutters and downspouts are installed, bi-annual maintenance – consisting of cleaning the gutters and downspouts and removing leaves, twigs and other debris - is usually all that is required to keep the system working it's very best.

    Contact Central Bay Roofing to view samples or to get an estimate for a new gutter and downspout system. We are also happy to inspect your current system and provide any maintenance or repairs necessary so it can do the job it was designed for. Give us a call at (510) 521-7334 or contact us directly online to schedule your free estimate.

    We Work With Property Managers and HOAs For Gutter Inspection, Repair and Replacement

    Are you a property manager or the head of an HOA? Don’t neglect the status of the gutters and downspouts existing on the property. Your records should show routine inspections and maintenance as well as swift repair or replacement of any leaky or poor performing components in the building’s roof drainage systems.

    Central Bay Roofing has worked side-by-side with many of the Bay Areas largest HOAs and property managers to ensure their roofs, gutters, and downspouts are in good shape and that occupants remain safe, dry and complaint-free.

    Give us a call to discuss your needs at 510-521-7334 or send us an email at info@centralbayroofing.com.