• Residential Roofing Service

  • Most homeowners replace their home’s roof once in a lifetime. For that reason, you want to hire a company that has built their reputation on a foundation of high-quality workmanship and dedication to customer service.

    Central Bay Roofing has provided all of that and more to our clients in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties since we got our start back in 1978.

    We Build a Roof That Lasts a Lifetime

    The average lifespan for an asphalt shingle roof is about 25 years, depending on the quality of materials and installation, climate, environmental factors and UV exposure. A well-maintained roof can last upwards of 35 years or more. They key is in the quality of materials you choose and the craftsmanship that goes into the building of the roof system, as well as the expertise used for any repairs that need to be performed.

    When you work with Central Bay Roofing, you benefit from:

    Four Decades of High-Quality Residential Roof Construction

    We hung both our literal and proverbial shingle back in 1978. Since then, we have provided our Bay Area clientele with nearly four decades of high-quality roofing construction – in both the residential and the commercial sectors.

    We only work with high-quality materials because we’ve learned that you get what you pay for, and we refuse to let our dedication to quality craftsmanship suffer as the result of cheap products and materials.

    Our residential clients have a range of products to choose from, including:

    • Asphalt applied residential roof systems
    • Torch applied residential roof systems
    • Self-Adhered roof systems
    • Wood shingle and wood shake roof systems
    • Residential composition shingle roof systems
    • Concrete and Clay tile roof systems
    • Fluid Applied Roof Coatings
    • Architectural sheet metal roof systems

    When we leave your home, your roof is warrantied by the manufacturer for up to 40 years, depending on the product, and our company offers an additional 10-year workmanship warranty on re-roofing work and gutter work. Central Bay Roofing is committed to building and repairing roofs that are so well constructed, your home and its occupants will be protected for decades to come.

    Contact Central Bay Roofing online or give us a call at 510-521-7334 to schedule a FREE on-site consultation.

    Exceptional Roofing Repair and Maintenance

    Roofing maintenance and the occasional repair are vital to maximizing your roof’s optimal life expectancy. The team here at Central Bay Roofing is never too busy to come out and take a look at your roof to determine whether or not there is a problem, and the best means of addressing any problems we identify.

    While we enjoy a relatively mild climate here in the Bay Area, things like high winds, falling debris from nearby trees or roofs and even furry pests – like raccoons or squirrels – can cause roof damage that becomes permanent if it isn’t addressed immediately.

    A little roof damage can have exponential side effects if moisture and structural damage spreads to your home’s structural supports and/or interior wall spaces, resulting in moisture damage, rot, mold, and mildew.

    The bulk of Central Bay Roofing’s residential roof repairs include:

    • Seasonal or post-storm inspections to identify any weak spots or damaged areas that need repair.
    • Shingle repairs and replacement.
    • Roof leak repairs.
    • Temporary repairs.
    • Gutter and downspout repairs.
    • Chimney re-flashing and re-pointing.
    • Coating or re-coating a roof for extra UV protection.

    Suspect your chimney needs a repair? Want to have your roof inspected by licensed professionals before the next storm or rainy season hits? Give Central Bay Roofing a call at 510-521-7334.

    Ask Us About Our Green Roofing Products

    Are you building a home or performing a remodel or renovation with an emphasis on sustainability? Ask us about our green roofing products and your options when it comes to choosing a roofing system that gives you points for LEED and other green building certification programs. From recycled shingles and wood shingles and shakes to slate and clay tiles, you have a variety of choices to suit your style as well as your commitment to sustainability.

    We can also talk to you about reflective roofing option or post-market roof coatings, which can drastically mitigate solar heat gain – notably reducing annual cooling costs while simultaneously improving interior comfort.

    Hire a Residential Roofing Company Who Puts Safety First

    Homeowners and their insurance companies can rest assured that Central Bay Roofing always places Safety First whenever we send our crew up on a roof or in a lift. Every member of our team of installers goes through 3.5 years of roof installation and safety courses. Then, safety meetings and updates are a regular part of our business routine.

    Schedule Your FREE Onsite Residential Roof Quote

    Trust your home’s roof to the best. Schedule a consultation with Central Bay Roofing and we’re confident you won’t be disappointed. We firmly believe that our 40 years of success (and counting!) is due to our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and a hearty dose of friendly customer service.

    We look forward to keeping a roof over your head. Contact Central Bay Roofing online or call us directly at 510-521-7334.