• Pros & Cons: Commercial Metal Roofing For Your Property

  • pros cons commercial metal roofing for your property

    Commercial property owners are increasingly replacing traditional roofing materials with commercial metal roofing. There are multiple benefits to doing so, but it requires consideration of both the pros and cons. You should also check with a local building inspector or a commercial roofing contractor to ensure prospective options comply with local building codes. 

    We recommend having your current roof inspected by a licensed, Bay Area roofing contractor before making a decision. There’s no point in replacing your commercial roof until it needs it, at which point a metal roof is often the most sensible, long-term investment. 

    Commercial Metal Roofing Pros 

    Let’s start with the positives. 

    Multiple material and color options 

    Again, your building codes may indicate which metal products are best suited for your location. However, residential and commercial building owners both appreciate the variety of materials and selection. Metal roof styles are available in tin, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and zinc.  

    They can be painted practically any color you can think of, and can that includes reflective coatings that minimize solar heat gain (more on that below). 

    They last for 50 years or more 

    This is probably one of the most appealing characteristics of all. A high-quality, professionally installed metal roof can easily last 50 years or longer. This is the reason lifetime costs are so affordable. A single maintenance inspection each year, and the minimal repairs necessary are far less than those inherent in most other standard roof options over time. 

    Energy-efficient and eco-friendly 

    There are multiple reasons why metal roofs are considered so ecofriendly. Their durability and longevity are one of those – fewer repairs and replacements means fewer materials consumed over a home’s lifetime. 

    In addition to that, the reflective properties of a metal roof mean less solar gain, and less energy consumed to cool the building during the summer months and on sunny daysAlso, metal roofs are 100% recyclable, which keeps them from ever going into a landfill when it’s time to replace it. 

    Ideal for your solar panels 

    This may be a great time to make two major changes: add a solar roof and take advantage of solar energy. The flat, consistent metal roofing panels are ideal hosts for solar systems. They also make a user-friendly surface for solar technicians when they need to make repairs or when it is time to have the solar panels cleaned. 

    Fire resistance of commercial metal roofing  

    The Bay Area is at the beginning of a new era, where fire resistance is the name of the game during peak fire season and to lower insurance premiums. Your durable, low-maintenance and fire-resistant metal roof will bring you peace of mind the next time fire season rears its head. 

    Cons Of Commercial Metal Roofs 

    The following considerations are the other side of the coin. 

    Noise volume 

    If you are installing a metal roof, make sure to augment it with insulation to minimize the sound of heavy rain or hail. Without proper sound mitigation, building occupants will struggle to handle business as usual unless heavy machine noise is the norm. 

    Slippery when wet 

    The same slippery properties that make metal roofs the king of water and ice shedding also make them more difficult to traverse. Unless you have a flat or very low-sloped roof, always take precautions when performing roof inspections on your own. The good news is that the metal roof’s durability means there is rare cause to be up on top of it since maintenance and repair requirements will be minimal. 

    Prone to rust 

    It is true that older metal roofs were known for rusting, and all metals are prone to rusting over time. However, today’s high quality, commercial metal roof options are designed to prevent rust and corrosion. Protective coatings eliminate this risk. Recoating the roof may be necessary once every decade or so, and it’s a part of routine maintenance. If your roof has heavy wind, rain, or saltwater exposure, your contractor may recommend recoating more often to prevent rust. 

    Higher upfront costs 

    There is no doubt that your commercial metal roof has a higher upfront cost than other roofing materials options. However, “upfront” is the keyword there. If you do the math, and remember that your new roof will last at least another 50 years, you’ll find that the lifetime costs of a metal roof are far less than standard roofing materials. 

    We Can Handle All Your Commercial Needs

    Trying to decide whether you should upgrade to a metal roof for your commercial property? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with the professionals here at Central Bay RoofingWe’ll give you an honest opinion and will stand by your decision.