• The Benefits Of Choosing Half-Round Gutters

  • the benefits of choosing half round gutters

    Roofs, gutters, and downspouts have similar lifespans of about 15 to 20 years when they are properly maintained. When you’re replacing a roof, odds are you’ll replace the gutters and downspouts along with it – leaving you with some additional choices to make.

    Half-Round Gutters Are A Top Choice For Bay Area Homes

    Most gutters fall into three categories:

    • K-Style Gutters: These gutters have a shape that creates a sloped angle toward the building’s fascia. Their deeper trough and extended exterior lip allow them to hold more water. The front of the gutter also has a decorative front side, similar to crown molding, which adds a decorative appearance. Their angular ends mean they are attached to rectangular downspouts.
    • Box Gutters. The most straightforward of the options is box gutters, which are like rectangles with the top left off. These typically have the highest volume and can drain more water at once. They’re most commonly used for commercial buildings, but we still see them on older homes that are usually well overdue for a replacement. Box gutters are rarely used these days in residential homes.
    • Half-Round Gutters. Half-round gutters have a half-circle shape and a curved lip. While they don’t hold the same water volume as K-style gutters, they’re a very popular gutter design here in the Bay Area. Their traditional look works well for historic homes as well as contemporary homes with classic architectural influences. The half-round gutters feed into round downspouts, which have a timeless aesthetic.

    If you’re in the process of replacing your roof or investing in a significant roof repair, we recommend speaking to your roofing contractor about whether to replace the gutters and downspouts at the same time.

    4 Benefits Of Half-Round Gutters

    There are several benefits of choosing half-round gutters for your home.

    They reduce standing water

    It is true that half-round gutters don’t hold as much water as their K-style counterparts, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A well-designed gutter and downspout system, using half-rounds, should be fully capable of efficiently draining the amount of water we receive via rain or storms here in the San Francisco Bay area.

    Plus, their rounded bottom, without any angled edges, makes it far less likely for the gutters to hold standing water. This is a downfall of both K- and Box-style gutters. Standing water increases the overall wear-and-tear of gutters, putting the roof system at risk. And, in the warmer months, standing water in the gutters provides prime habitat for mosquito breeding and higher mosquito populations around your home (another reason why you should inspect, clean, and maintain gutters seasonally).

    Easier to clean and keep debris-free

    Just as those hard angles of K-style gutters trap more water, they are also more prone to trapping debris like leaves and twigs. Because half-round gutters are curved, the interiors are smoother and less prone to trapped debris. This makes them less likely to become plugged up and easier to clean and maintain – especially before and after our winter storm season.

    Pro Tip: As long as you’re replacing the gutters, invest a minimal amount extra to install gutter guards, which go even further to keep gutters and downspouts debris-free.

    Are more durable with a longer lifespan

    Clogged gutters and standing water are two of the biggest threats to a roof’s drainage system. The longer water and debris are trapped, the more prone gutters and downspouts are to corrode and leak. When you clean and maintain gutters and downspouts as per the manufacturer’s instructions, there’s a chance the new half-rounds may last longer than your new roof!

    They add a high-end aesthetic

    Most homeowners really appreciate the classy, high-end aesthetic offered by half-round gutters and their round downspouts. It’s both streamlined and timeless. While they’re an excellent fit for historic homes, they are versatile and complement even the most contemporary home designs, especially if the home boasts other classic architectural features or highlights.

    In addition to high-end copper and zinc options, you can also choose highly durable vinyl gutter options. Like other vinyl products, the gutters and downspouts can be matched identically to your home’s trim colors – including the whimsical color combinations common for historical homes here in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

    Central Bay Roofing Can Help You Decide If Half-Round Gutters Are Best

    Are you interested in learning more about half-round gutters and whether they’re the best choice for your home? Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Central Bay Roofing. We’ve provided honest and loyal roof and gutter service to Bay Area homeowners for nearly half a decade. 

    In addition to showing your recent examples of our customers’ half-round gutter installations, we’ll go over the pros and cons of different gutter designs so you feel completely confident about your choice.