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  • Central Bay Roofing has provided friendly, knowledgeable and high-quality roofing services to Oakland residents and business owners since 1978. As we enter our fifth decade in business, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as top quality roofers and look forward to another fifty years of providing roofing and roofing-related services to our loyal clientele.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    • Residential Roofing
    • Commercial Roofing
    • Consulting, Inspections and Roofing Repairs for HOAs and Property Managers
    • Gutters and Downspouts

    A well-designed, installed and maintained roof, gutter and downspout system is integral to the health of a building’s well-being.

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    Why Choose Central Bay to Be Your Oakland Roofing Contractor?

    We understand that the roof and it’s accessory components – like gutters and downspouts – are one of your home’s greatest lines of defense. Any breakdown in this system will result in moisture damage that is expensive to repair and can be detrimental to the health of the building’s occupants and passersby.

    Our roofing team is highly experienced and trained, with each of our employees having at least three and a half years of roofing installation and safety training. We also continue our education and product training to make sure we provide our clients with the most current, relevant and innovative solutions to their concerns. Plus, at Central Bay Roofing, we put customer service first, which is why we maintain a solid A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as consistent 5-Star reviews on online review sites such as Yelp!

    Contact us online or by phone – 510-521-7334 – so we can get to work making your roof an excellent and safe line of defense for your home or business.

    Residential Roofing

    Putting a solid, safe and weather-resistant covering over your household’s head is a primary concern for most homeowners. These days, there is a wide range of products to choose from and Central Bay Roofing will be happy to educate you regarding your roof choices. From organic shingle options to reflective coatings that significantly reduce solar heat gain  – and notably reduces annual cooling costs – we help customers select the best roofing choice for their home’s location and orientation.

    Whether a specific area of your home is exposed to constant UV sunlight (which leads to faster decomposition of most roofing products), or a grand shade tree happens to keep another section consistently shady and prone to moisture retention, we’ll make sure your roof is built to meet its unique environmental challenges.

    Have a section of your roof that is missing shingles? Perhaps you’ve noticed a leaky patch in the attic or along an interior wall? Contact Central Bay Roofing and we’ll send one of our contractors out to take a look ASAP. For emergencies, please call us directly at 510-521-7334. Otherwise, you can schedule an estimate online.

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    Commercial Roofing

    Your building’s roof is a part of your business’s brand, showing clients and prospective customers that you care about the image presented to the public. It is also key to protecting the interior contents of the building – keeping machines, products, supplies and your employees safe from the elements. While the aesthetic and general structural design is important, so too are other considerations such as the type of equipment that is housed on the roof, water drainage, and so on.

    Central Bay Roofing is a roof contractor that specializes in both flat and sloped roofing, so your wish is our command. While we’re up there, we’ll make sure your business’s gutter and downspouts are working effectively and let you know if there are other existing or potential issues that need to be addressed.

    We’re proud to have Bay Area companies such as Alamo Shopping Center, the Claremont Resort and the Embassy Suites on our roster of clients, and we look forward to adding your business to the list.

    Contact Central Bay Roofing to schedule an inspection or estimate. 510-521-7334.

    Property Managers and HOAs

    As a property manager or head of an HOA, you understand the value of a well-maintained roof system. Just one seemingly small lapse in inspections or maintenance can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of structural damage, interior damage for residences and/or business owners and – potentially – hefty lawsuits.

    Central Bay Roofing has worked with dozens of property managers and HOA boards throughout Oakland and the greater Bay Area to set up routine inspections as well as inspections and repairs of gutters and downspouts. We’re also happy to provide quotes for a new roofing system or to assess the status of your existing roofs.

    Contact us to schedule an inspection, or give Central Bay Roofing a call at 510-521-7334 to speak with someone immediately.

    Benefit From Well-Designed Gutter and Downspouts

    Well-designed gutters and downspouts aren’t the first things to spring to mind when designing a home or commercial building, yet they are instrumental in the building’s structural soundness, not to mention safety for those who enter, exit or pass by the building in inclement weather. A poorly designed system will also contribute to soil erosion that can eventually damage a building’s foundation.

    Don’t take your gutters and downspouts for granted. Feel they aren’t performing up to par? Think your building could use new gutters and downspouts? Give Your Local Oakland Roofers Central Bay Roofing a call and we’ll send someone out to take a look. 510-521-7334.

    Our gutters and downspouts are offered in three different architectural styles, 25 different colors and have a have a baked-on enamel coating that allows for a lifetime warranty on the paint.

    Contact Central Bay Roofing to Schedule a Consultation or to Receive a Free Estimate

    Take advantage of more than five decades of reliable, conscientious service from one of the Bay Area’s favorite roofing companies. We want to be your roofing company of choice that you recommend to your friends and family. We promise we won’t let you down. Our team’s commitment to customer service and high-quality craftsmanship is unrivaled. Contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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