• Your Roof, Your Holiday Decorations & Your Safety

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    There is nothing like seeing people light up with joy when they see colorful lights or reindeer on your roof. However, just one slip can cause injury and bring down your holiday spirit. You should always practice safety tips when decorating your roof for the holidays.

    • Know Your Limitations: It is understandable to want to decorate your own home, but you should always be mindful of your abilities and limitations. You do not want to risk climbing on the roof if you are recovering from an injury or illness, have trouble balancing or take blood thinners. You should also make sure you can handle being off the ground, as a fear of heights may put you at risk for falling.
    • Check The Weather: The weather is going to play a big part of decorating your roof. You do not want to be on the roof when it is snowing, raining or too windy. The slippery conditions and wind could cause you to lose your balance and take a fall. If the weather is not kind, remind yourself that you can always decorate the house on another day.
    • Secure The Roof: You should always make sure your roof is clear of debris and ice so you do not slip or trip over anything. Use a broom to clear the roof before you start installing your decorations.
    • Dress For The Task: There are certain items of clothing and accessories you should wear when installing decorations on your roof. Start by dressing in layers so you do not get too cold. You can always remove or add a layer to fit the temperature. Wear a pair of work gloves so you can protect your hands and keep warm, and invest in a pair of non-slip footwear such as work boots.
    • Check Your Holiday Lights: You do not want to work with damaged lights and cords in general, let alone when you are up on the roof. Test your decorative lights in advance, and replace or repair the damaged lights before heading up to the roof.
    • Stay Safe On The Ladder: The first thing you should do is make sure you have a sturdy ladder that is strong enough to support your weight. It should be made of fiberglass instead of aluminum since you are working with electrical decorations. Your ladder should also extend at least 3 feet over your roof. You need to make sure the ladder is on level ground and away from doors and power lines. The ladder should be set up at a 75-degree angle, and it never hurts to ask a peer to hold the ladder for you.
    • Use The Right Electronics: There are certain types of electronics you should use when installing decorations on your roof or outside in general. Start by investing in decorations that are UL tagged so you know they are safe. Use only GFI rated outlets for your decorations, and make sure you do not overload the circuits. You should also use extension cords designed for outdoors and keep them away from sharp edges.
    • Use The Right Tools: You are working with lights and electrical decorations, so all your tools should be rated for electrical tasks. This includes hammers with fiberglass handles and tools with rubber handles.
    • Consider Hiring A Professional: It never hurts to call in a professional to help install your holiday decorations. A professional is experienced in working on the roof throughout the year.

    If you take the time to follow the safety tips for decorating your roof for the holidays, you can have a safe and fun holiday season.