• Tile Roof Maintenance: Do This, Not That

  • tile roof maintenance do this not that

    The California mission system proves that tile roofs last hundreds of years when adequately repaired and maintained. Whether you’re interested in learning more about tile roof maintenance for your current home, or are considering tiles as a roof replacement option, remember: Safety is the #1 priority. Tile roofs are challenging surfaces, so honor roof safety rules or hire a professional to give you a hand.

    6 Tile Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Roof Tiles

    Here are six professional maintenance tips to improve tile roof performance, including energy efficiency, and extend the tiles’ life.

    Forge a relationship with a local licensed roofer

    Even if you’re DIY roof maintenance, establishing a relationship with a local licensed roofer is still a good idea. While you may be able to complete basic roof maintenance tasks, at some point, you are going to need a professional hand, especially when it comes to major roof repairs or replacements that must meet building code requirements. 

    Schedule annual roof inspections

    Residential roofs should be inspected at least once per year. Routine roof inspections catch minor repair issues such as algae/mold growth, debris build-up, pest infestations, chips/cracks, or loose tiles early on. The sooner these issues are taken care of, the less likely you are to have overdue and expensive roof tile repairs or replacements in the future.

    Also, your homeowner’s insurance policy only covers roof repairs or damage-related replacement if you can prove you’ve honored their recommendations – which almost always states annual roof inspection/maintenance.

    Never put off repairs or tile replacements

    If you notice a chipped, cracked, or missing tile, contact a roofing contractor ASAP. These weaknesses expose underlying roof materials, compromising their integrity and waterproofing ability. You should also address any other noticeable repair or maintenance issues such as:

    Postponing repairs to save money or time now means spending exponentially more later.

    Clean the roof (especially if there’s algae, mildew, or moss)

    Bay Area roofs are notorious for developing algae, moss, and mildew because of their combination of sun, moisture, and shade. They slowly feed on tiles and other roof materials, breaking them down over time. Also, algae and mildew make tile roofs slippery. NOTE: NEVER pressure wash your roof as it forces water underneath and between roof layers, causing leaks.

    Cleaning algae and mold can be a DIY process, but we recommend tile roof owners hire professionals. The combination of slippery algae and adding additional slip agents like water and cleaning solutions make it an extra dangerous job. Professional roofers use lifts or professional tie-down systems to keep themselves fall-proof. Roof cleaning is an easy add-on to your annual roof maintenance appointment.

    Keep gutters and downspouts clear

    Gutters and downspouts direct water and condensation off the roof and away from the home’s foundation. Clogged or corroded roof drainage systems put your roof at risk. Overflowing gutters mean more direct contact with standing water, quickly reaching any minuscule crevice, crack, or moisture-wicking area and your home’s structural materials.

    We recommend cleaning the gutters at least twice per year. Late summer and early spring, before and after storm season. You should also inspect them after any major wind or rain storms in case they collected a large amount of debris in a short time.

    Refurbish the tiles 

    Over time, roof tiles develop a chalky and faded look. Environmental pollutants and continuous exposure to the elements also cause a slow weathering effect. Refurbishing tiles protects them and keeps them looking like new. Refer to your tile manufacturer’s recommendations for clearing, protection, and re-coating products designed for your particular tiles. Your roofing contractor will also know what to do and can either do the work for you or let you know which products are right for your roof.

    Ready To Spruce Up Your Roof Tiles?

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