• The Best Time Of Year To Work On A Roof

  • the best time of year to work on a roof

    When our employees work on a roof they are a minimum of 14-feet above ground or higher, which means safety is our top priority. That means mild weather days are ideal. That said, we work rain or shine to ensure our clients have a sturdy, leak-free home over their heads. 

    The following are the best times of year to work on a roof to maintain its integrity and protect the safety of our employees and the home occupants. 

    When To Work On A Roof? Spring And Fall

    Just about any time between the spring and fall months is considered the best time to schedule a roof inspection and maintenance appointment with a licensed roofing contractor 

    The spring months 

    In the spring, the winter storms have ended and any immediate damage or wearing of your roof, its shingles, or your gutters and drainage system are evident. Scheduling an inspection in the spring gives us the ability to repair fresh damage before it is compromised by summer sunshine exposure or the growth of algae or mildew that can result from a damaged roof with moisture issues. If you schedule a spring roof inspection, that’s great.  

    However, beware dubious roofing “professionals” who go door to door or cold-call you, claiming your home has experienced roofing damage in a storm. Their claims may or may not be true. Read, How to Avoid Roofing Scams After a Storm, before taking anybody’s word for it. 

    Summers are warm and dry 

    Warm, dry summer days are the best chance for experiencing a dry spell that lasts long enough to replace a roof from start to finish in a consecutive number of days. Another benefit of late-spring and summer roofing repairs or replacements is that they can be more cost-effective. 

    These months are a slower time of year, so you may find your roofing professional is more likely to give you a discount. Materials and labor costs may be lower during the spring and summer seasons. That said, high-quality roofers are always in demand here in the Bay Area, so this region doesn’t always follow that same cycle. 

    Annual fall roof inspections and repairs 

    On the flip side of the equation, fall can be a perfect season to schedule an annual inspection because your roofer has the opportunity to repair any damage, or replace shingles, tiles, or other compromised roofing materials before the winter winds and rains begin.  

    The sweet spot for inspections or roof maintenance is in the later autumn when we also have the chance to clean your gutters, downspouts, and roof system from leaves, twigs, and other debris that would be more prone to store water when the rains come. 

    Repairing Winter Storm Damage on Your Roof 

    The reality is that most homeowners aren’t as diligent as they should be about performing annual roofing maintenance. As a result, we’re most likely to receive calls about leaks or roof repairs right in the middle of a storm.  

    In most cases, we don’t go up on roofs in the midst of a storm if we don’t have to, preferring to get to work as soon as the storm is over to prevent any accidents or injuries to our employees. Roofs are not safe places to ride out a storm. We can come over and secure waterproof plastic sheeting until the rains stop and we can do the work safely. 

    If the repair is relatively straightforward, we’ll provide an estimate and go from there. In some cases, particularly with an older or poorly maintained roof, we’ll recommend a full roof replacement. This is especially the case if a roof repair bill would cost around 50% or more of the total replacement costs. 

    Have You Thought About Joining A Roof Maintenance Program? 

    If your roofing company offers some time for a roof maintenance program, we recommend learning more about it. Joining a preventative roof maintenance program is a great way to save a little money, develop a long-term and loyal relationship with a trusted, local roofing contractor, and keep your roof in exceptional shape all year long. 

    Besides benefitting from discounts, reduced materials pricing, and regular roof attention – the roofing company does all of the scheduling and reminding for you. We’ll make sure your home or business benefits from routine, annual roofing inspections and maintenance without you having to worry about it. This is the best way to notice roofing issues that might go ignored until they turn into bigger, more inconvenient, and costly repairs. 

    Would you like to work with a licensed, Bay Area roofer who is happy to work on your roof any time of the year? Contact Central Bay Roofing, (510) 521-7334, and schedule a consultation. We’ve provided professional, expert roofing design, installation, repair, and replacement to San Francisco area home and business owners for more than four decades