• 5 Modern Roof Designs That Will Update Your Home

  • 5 modern roof designs that will update your home

    Buttressed by an increase in home construction, the demand for roofing is on the rise. In fact, the US roofing industry is expected to grow by a CAGR of 4.9%. As such, the value of the industry will reach $19.9 billion in 2021.   

    As a homeowner, choosing the right roof design can make or break your home. Aside from protecting your family from weather elements, the right roof improves your curb appeal. Also, it increases the value of your home.   

    Shopping for roof designs can be a daunting task. There are many house roof designs in the market. Each modern roofing design has its own features, pros, and cons. 

    Looking for a modern roof design that will transform your home.  

    Modern Roof Designs

    Read on and learn about the modern roof designs that will update your home.

    Skillion Roof

    Also referred to as a shed roof, this is one of the most popular roof designs. Why? For starters, it is easy to build. The roof is also environmentally friendly and practical. 

    What you ought to know is that the construction of a skillion roof takes less time. The reason for this is that roofers need fewer materials compared to other roof styles. As a modern roof design, homeowners have an opportunity of installing skylights.  

    By doing so, they allow natural light to stream in.

    Flat Roof

    As a modern roof, flat roofs are common in modern architecture style homes and commercial buildings. They are not 100% flat. In fact, they are low sloped roofs.  

    If the roof was flat, it could result in problems. For starters, rainwater would pool on the roof. This stagnant spa will allow mold, bacteria, and mosquito to breed.

    Since the roof is slightly slopped, this is not a problem.

    Curved Roof

    Another popular modern house roof is the curved roof. The design is popular because it creates a unique aesthetic. A curved roof is a lot like a shed or skillion roof.   

    The only difference is that it has curved planes. Curved roofs are made of metal sheeting as they are easy to mold into a curve. They are also waterproof because they don’t have seams.  

    Installation of a curved roof requires the help of a professional roofer.

    Combination Roof

    This is an amalgamation of other roof designs. For instance, gable, hip, flat roof, shed or skillion among others. The combination of several roof designs has many advantages to the homeowner.   

    For starters, the design is customizable for any kind of house. Second, homeowners can incorporate different materials. Last, it is suitable for both classic and modern homes.

    Butterfly Roof

    As a modern American roofing design, the butterfly roof has two slopes. These slopes meet in the middle creating a V-shape. As such, they create the appearance of butterfly wings.   

    There are several reasons why homeowners should choose a butterfly roof. First, the two slopes make your home seem taller. Second, homeowners can collect rainwater using the midsection.   

    Last, the slopes allow the placement of solar panels.   

    Best Roof Designs for Modern Architecture

    Before you choose one of the roof designs above, it is wise to consider the material, cost, lifespan, and maintenance. Also, you should consider if the material acts as a great insulator reducing heat loss from your home.

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